Dear Tressa

I don’t have just one big girl, but I have TWO! I can’t win for losing, can I?! Why can’t you stop growing up??? I remember when I couldn’t wait to grow up and be where I am now… Why can’t you NOT want that?! Please?

You weigh 40lbs. and are 44″ (3ft. 8½”) tall. Exactly two pounds and one inch more than your sister. You wear a size 11½, sometimes 12 shoe, and a size 5, almost 6 pants, and a size 5 shirt.

You, unlike your sister LOVE to take a nap. Just like your momma! 😀 On the rare day that you don’t take a nap, you love to play house with your sister and even Joseph. Unfortunately, your absolute favorite thing to do during quiet time is suck on your thumb with your blankie. Thankfully you don’t have to have the blanket or suck your thumb at all times… just when you’re bored. Mostly when you’re watching TV or going to sleep. It’s been quite the experience trying to get you and your sister to quit. The blankets are allowed in the living room until you’re seen with a thumb in your mouth and we’ve tried educating you in as simple terms as possible the effects of sucking your thumb can have and still you insist. I should have known this would happen when we saw you sucking your thumb in the sonogram.

You’re a nonstop chatterbox! Well, that’s really all three of you. You will tell anyone and everyone every single thought that runs through your mind. You love wearing my high heels through the house and pretending you’re going to the grocery store in them. Unlike your brother and sister, you would rather stay inside coloring all…day…long! You LOVE to draw and color. Most all of your pictures end up being drawings of ballerina’s or our family at a birthday party. Lol

You are the most caring little big girl. You love to hug and kiss us and are always making sure to tell those around you how much you love them. You are so easy to like and are easily attached to anyone that comes around.

There are a million things you learned this year! You learned to read, how to tell time on a digital clock, and you learned to make your bed without help. Now we just need to work on you keeping your glasses on! You are so ready for kindergarten and so I am not…

Here is to the sweetest, kindest, most perfectly imperfect daughter and sister a parent could ask for.


         Mommy & Daddy

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