Dear Amaya

Six. That is how many years old you are today. I am amazed every day at how much you’ve grown and have come to be the big girl that you are.

You weigh 40.2lbs. and are 45 ¾” (3 ft. 9 ¾”) tall. You have only gained 1.8lbs and grown 2 ¼” since last year. You wear a size 6 shirt and pant and a size 12 ½ shoe.

You are an extremely outgoing little girl. You love to talk to every person we come in contact with. There’s no telling what will come out of your mouth. I pretty much have the “Oh crap what is she gonna say this time?” thought in my head every time you decide to spark up conversation with the people waiting to pay for their items or the neighbors walking to their apartment. You love to play outside and ride your bike with the neighbor kids, but you are still a big princess. You’re so girly. You love to wear dresses and skirts and have your hair fixed. You’ve developed a love for makeup (Oh boy!) and all things glitter.

You’ve become a little smart aleck. There is almost always a sarcastic remark coming from you. You’re favorite things to say are “Whatever!”, “I looooooovvveeee this.”, and “Oh sure.”

Today you have requested eating pizza and popcorn only. You enjoy playing games on the Wii and Xbox with your brother. That’s pretty much the only time you two are not fighting. You love all things pink and yellow and playing with your Barbie’s. You used to always ask for me to cut your hair anytime I would cut someone else’s. This year, you have requested to grow your hair out and only receive “tiny, tiny trims”. You’re pretty much obsessed with your hair these days.

You are a bright and beautiful little girl. Happiest birthday Amaya Riley!




Mommy & Daddy





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