Dear Tressa

Today you are six. You are a ‘big kid’. When will you listen and stop growing up already?!

You weigh 42.4lbs and are 46 ½” (3′ 10 ½”) tall. You have grown exactly two inches and 2.4 pounds since last year. You wear a size 6 pant and shirt and a size 12 ½ shoe.

You are still a thumb-sucking junkie. Not quite sure how we’re going to break that habit before you start losing your baby teeth. You have finally gotten over the fear of starting off on your bike without help. You ride that bike like a champ now. Fearless and able to look up from the ground. Lol

You love talking to yourself. Before your showers, you spend a good 15 minutes looking at and talking to yourself in the mirror. It’s hilarious! Speaking of, I got some pretty funny video of you when you didn’t know I was recording this morning. I can’t wait to share it with the world! Haha!

You have found a love for Justin Bieber. You are practically obsessed with him. You even asked if I knew where he lived so I could take you there. Sorry kiddo. You’re grounded from boys for life!

You are always saying the silliest things that just make me laugh so much. You’re definitely a little goofball. Right now you love telling people to “quit being a butler.”, which I assume is your safe word for butthead. You also love the word duh! There is almost never a span of more than 15 minutes that you go without complimenting someone or telling them how much you love them. You are just the sweetest little lovebug of a child ever.

Happy birthday little lovebug.



Mommy & Daddy


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