Amaya’s 6th Birthday Interview

If you’re feeling curious you can go check out her earlier birthday interviews here. I’m just giving the short and sweet answers here. If you want to hear their interview I’ve added the video below. Bloopers and outtakes too. 🙂

  1. Favorite food? Strawberry cake
  2. Favorite drink? Powerade
  3. Favorite cartoon? iCarly
  4. Favorite cartoon character? Spongebob
  5. Favorite movie? Snow White
  6. Favorite animal? Teddy bears
  7. Favorite toy? My little dragon
  8. Favorite color? Pink
  9. Favorite letter? A
  10. Favorite number? 63
  11. Favorite story? Wow! Said The Owl
  12. Favorite song? TTYLXOX
  13. Favorite game? Checkers
  14. Favorite holiday? Christmas and Easter
  15. Favorite day? Saturday
  16. Favorite season? Summer
  17. Favorite scent? Pizza
  18. What do you want to be when you grow up? Cheerleader
  19. Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, Carlos
  20. What is your favorite thing in school? Recess
  21. What is your least favorite thing in school? Nothing, I like everything
  22. Who is your best friend? Everybody in my class
  23. What is something you want to learn or do this year? Go to the water park
  24. What is your favorite memory from age five? When Mommy and me played Barbie’s
  25. Describe yourself in three words? Beautiful, I like to play outside, I like watching Netflix
  26. If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? Go to Disney World

Watch in HD! The quality is so much better!

Watch the bloopers and outtakes too!


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