Silas: Five Months Old

July 10, 2013


You are doing better during tummy time. You’ll go about 20 minutes sometimes more at one ‘session’.


You have the same hair your brother did when he was a baby. Like a dandelion, it looks like you could blow and it all just fly away.


You finally got your feet! You’ve eyed them like crazy for the last month.


The look on your face in this picture cracks me up. You look so worried.

You are easily distracted while nursing. I have to be careful because I never know when you’ll just pop off to look in the direction of the TV or a familiar voice. I usually have to escape to a quiet(er) place in the house.


You can roll from your back to belly now. You seem to forget that you know how to roll from belly to back once that happens and you start to get pretty upset.

You are using the ‘da’ and ‘dada’ sounds.

Stats this month:

Weight: 17.4 lbs.

Length: 27 in.

Sizes: Size medium gDiapers! We’re cloth diapering now!

Sleep: You are taking fewer naps throughout the day. Still eating every three hours and sleeping through the night (10pm-6/7am).

Loves: Chewing on your toes (and everything else), standing, ‘This Little Piggy’, and watching people eat.

Dislikes: Getting ‘stuck’ on belly,

Milestones: Finding your feet, Rolling back to belly, Sitting unassisted for a short time (1-3 minutes)  and have breastfed for 150 days. We have introduced you to BLW (Baby Led Weaning) *NOTE* No, BLW is not weaning from the breast, it is simply the introduction of solid foods. Weaning is the UK term for adding new foods. No purees, just normal solid, whole, big people food.* You have such a huge interest when everyone is eating. You have tried pancake and toast. They were mostly a toy for you.



2 responses to “Silas: Five Months Old

  1. I love these blogs and im so greatful they keep me updated because I miss yall. I hate more than anything that im missing everything. I still love you guys soooo much!

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