About Me

I am Jaclyn. A 24-year-old wife, mother to three amazing children, cosmetology student and pinterest addict.

I am always in the midst of self-discovery and don’t like limiting myself to one specialty. My strength is in my husband and children, my willingness to seek new opportunities, learning new things and my desire to share them with the world.

I dream of being everything– from a OBGYN, cosmetologist, writer, actress, musician, teacher, multi-linguist, artist, fashion designer, to photographer. I want to travel the world, visit all the museums, skydive, bungee jump, take a nature walk in the most beautiful part of every city, read a million books, beatbox, and listen to all the music one could listen to. Too many people wait for dreams to come… I’m tired of waiting, so the only thing I can do now is create. I may be taking baby steps, but I will meet my goals. Failure is not an option.

I am often too nice and will fall for almost anything. Sometimes, my best quality, however,  in most instances, it is my worst. I am sarcastic and love humor in all forms. I want to laugh until I cry at all times. I am a sucker for corny jokes, even when it takes me hearing the joke more than once to “get it”.

I solve my problems with writing, listening to music, eating lots of chocolate, and chewing far too much Trident gum.

Don’t believe me when I say, “I’ll call you.” or “I’ll call you back.” because I won’t. Don’t be offended. I do it to everybody. Not on purpose. I just have a shitty memory capacity (Thanks Dad). Seriously. And I don’t like talking on the phone. So definitely don’t ask me to remind you to do something, because I will almost never remember.


I suck at updating this blog too… I’ll work on that… Maybe… If I remember…


pregnancy calendar


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