Joseph’s 9th Birthday Interview

We celebrated Joseph’s birthday on Sunday at the bowling alley. We had such a great time! The kids had a blast and we adults had just as much fun too!

So here is this years interview with the Birthday Boy! Here are his earlier birthday interviews.

Favorite food? “Spaghetti.”

Favorite drink? “Root beer.”

Favorite cartoon?“Ben 10”

Favorite cartoon character? “Ben 10.”

Favorite movie? “Suite Life On Deck. The movie. But it’s spelled S-U-I-T-E.”

Favorite animal? “Bear.”

Favorite toy? “Frisbee.”

Favorite color? “Grrr…Red. It was green, but now it’s red.”

Favorite letter? “J.”

Favorite number? “Two.”

Favorite story?Kahasi and The Loon.”

Favorite song?Smash Mouth- All Star.”

Favorite game?Sonic Colors for my DS.”

Favorite holiday? “Halloween.”

Favorite day? “The 16th of April and Friday.”

Favorite season? “Fall.”

Favorite scent? “Flowers. Daisies.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “A masseuse. I’m really gonna be a masseuse.”

Do you have a girlfriend? “NO! Ewe!”

What is your favorite thing in school? “Math.”

What is your least favorite thing in school? “Reading.”

Who is your best friend? “Kirk.”

What is something you want to learn or do this year? “I want to vacation to minigolf.”

What is your favorite memory from age 8? “Turning eight. My birthday.”

Describe yourself in three words. “Cute, funny, disgusting…*giggles*… Nine years old.”

If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? “Save it for a car.”

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? “Jordin Sparks. I like her singing.”

What is something that you learned this year? “Math. Multiplication and division.”

What life lesson did you learn? “What’s a life lesson?… Arguing less.”

Hobbies? “Games.”

What do you want to improve about yourself? “Attitude.”

How many children do you want to have when you grow up? “Seven or eight.”

Are you going to get married? “Mm, yeah. That’s the only way you can get kids, right?”

Next we asked how much he thought certain things cost.

Gallon of gas? “$30.45” Sure feels like it. 😛

Gallon of milk? “$1.85”

Loaf of bread? “$5”

Car? “$5,000”

House? “$2,000”

Stamp? “$2.00”


Happy Birthday Joseph!

My little man turned NINE on April 16th. NINE YEARS OLD PEOPLE! How did a whole year go by without me knowing?! I’ve been thinking about how quickly these nine years have passed and then realize that there is only another nine years before he is an adult. What am I going to do?!?!? It scares the shit out of me that he’s growing so quickly.

Joseph, you weigh 61.5 lbs. and are 54″ (4ft. 6in.) tall. You wear a size 3.5 shoe, a size 8 (M) shirt and a size 10 pant. Those size 10 jeans are held up only with the help of the adjusters inside and a belt you skinny little thing!

So many wonderful and amazing things have made this year awesome for you! You have matured so much. You’re better at controlling your temper when you become angry and your fits are rare. Your grades in school are outstanding and you were a mere 5 points away from qualifying for gifted! You were pretty upset that you didn’t make it, but Mommy and Daddy are super proud of you! You are so awesome! You also became a big brother again! I was so worried that you would be jealous of him or would act out after his birth, but you are the most awesome big brother ever! You are always holding him and asking to feed him when Mommy is at work and you like to help change his diapers and get him dressed. You kiss and check on him constantly. You are so good at making people smile and you have the kindest heart of any little boy I know.

You’re still an electronic gaming nerd, but you’re playing outside a lot more now that we actually have a huge back yard to play in. You love to play Frisbee and catch with Daddy.

You’ve grown your hair out a bit this year. It’s shoulder length with layers. You go through phases of wanting short and long hair. This is definitely the longest you’ve let it get though. I love it too! It’s so freaking cute on you!

Thanks for being an awesome nine-year old! Happy (belated) birthday man!


Mommy and Daddy

Mother’s Day & Random Updates

Mother’s Day was amazing! Jonathan and the kiddos are always so great. I got the cutest card of life from Jonathan and the most adorable owl trinkets and cards and lovin’s from my babies.

Jonathan has always treated me like a queen. He has always, always made sure that he makes my day special in some shape or form. He’ll make trips to the store after working all day, he’ll rub my feet, do the dishes, laundry, and all the things many women wish their men did (Yeah, I was totally bragging there!). All just because. He is amazing on so many levels. And I hate that I cannot be mad at him for more than two seconds. 😛

Mother’s Day was no different. We had a great day of laziness, Skyrim playing, Netflix watching and chocolate devouring. The kiddos made the cutest little things at school and they made sure to give me a million hugs and kisses and tell me how I was the bestest mommy ever! I love my family so much. I am truly blessed.

How was your Mother’s Day?


And for some random updates…

I have officially scheduled my tests for state licensing! It’s getting so much more real now! Eek! I am scheduled to take my practical test on June 9th and my written test June 22nd. So wish me luck guys! I’m so freaking nervous it’s sickening! I have never been so nervous about anything. Bleh!

I have applied to a handful of places. I received a call to set up an interview, but the only place they had an opening for was too far of a drive away, so unfortunately I had to turn it down. Next week I will be taking in my resume’s and speaking to some managers. So keep your fingers crossed for me on that too!

Tomorrow is the kiddos last day of school. I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone! The girls will have their kindergarten program tomorrow morning. They’re mostly excited about wearing their new outfits for it. Lol

Joseph has been a handful as of late. I am looking into pediatricians that can refer us to some help. He saw a therapist while he was in preschool and that seemed to help him a lot with just day-to-day activities, so I’m hoping that we’ll find something that works. He needs it and I need some sanity!

I was really hoping that this was going to be our BFP month, but AF came late last night. So back to the beginning.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try better to keep everyone posted.

Lot’s of love!

Happy 8th Birthday Joseph! (Birthday Interview)

We celebrated Joseph’s birthday on Sunday at the bowling alley. We had such a great time! The kids had a blast and we adults had just as much fun too!

So here is this years interview with the Birthday Boy! Here are his earlier birthday interviews.

  1. Favorite food? “Pancakes.”
  2. Favorite drink? “Root beer.”
  3. Favorite cartoon?“Adventure Time.”
  4. Favorite cartoon character?“Jake and Finn. F-I-N-N.” “Thanks, but I know how to spell Finn.” Lol
  5. Favorite movie? “Toy Story.”
  6. Favorite animal? “Lizard.”
  7. Favorite toy? “My bouncy balls.”
  8. Favorite color? “Blue.”
  9. Favorite letter? “J.”
  10. Favorite number? “Two.”
  11. Favorite story? “Chicken Little.”
  12. Favorite song? “Rolling In The Deep (by Adele).”
  13. Favorite game? “Yahtzee.”
  14. Favorite holiday? “Christmas.”
  15. Favorite day? “Wednesday.”
  16. Favorite season? “Fall.”
  17. Favorite scent? “Vegetables.” “Really Joseph?” “Yep.”
  18. What do you want to be when you grow up? “A football player.” “What team would you play for?” “Your team. The Cowboys.” “That’s my boy!”
  19. Do you have a girlfriend? “NO!!!” *Giggles*
  20. What is your favorite thing in school? “Math.”
  21. What is your least favorite thing in school? “English.”
  22. Who is your best friend? “Ashton.”
  23. What is something you want to learn or do this year? “I don’t know.”
  24. What is your favorite memory from age 7? “Playing outside.”
  25. Describe yourself in three words. “Umm… *Long pause* Funny, bad, and cute.”
  26. If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? “Buy 1,000 cars!” “You can’t buy 1,000 cars with $100.” *Jonathan explains why he cannot buy any cars for $100.* “Okay. I will just save it.” “What will you save it for?” “Going to Disney World.”

Dear Joseph

Yesterday you turned eight years old! This means that you only have ten years before you are considered an adult. What the crap?! If those ten years go by as quickly as the last eight have, I might have a coronary!

You weigh 55.2 lbs. and are 52″ (4ft. 4in.) tall. You wear a size 3 shoe and an 8 pants and shirt. You have grown so much this last year! You grew three inches, two shoe sizes and a mere four pounds.

School is going rather well. Your grades are fantastic and have made us super proud of you! Your math skills are improving and your handwriting is much more legible. Today you were invited to a field trip for your excellence in school. Definitely an improvement from last year.

Your behavior is much to be desired. At school it is better than at home. The last few months you had been more defiant, talking back and trying to get the last word. We’re getting better at figuring one another out and how to approach certain situations. Hoping to make a lot more progress this year.

You really don’t play with toys much anymore, if at all. You’re all about electronics and gadgets. I remember when you were four and five years old. Running around the house brandishing plastic weapons fighting evil (your sisters) and the bad guys (also your sisters). 😛 Now it’s Xbox, Wii, and Netflix. Lol

We love you so much for the little boy you are and the glimpse that we get every day of the man you are becoming. Joseph, Mommy and Daddy love you so much and could not be more proud of you.


Mommy & Daddy

What They Wish To Do

The kiddos are on spring break until the 9th. I asked them to write the things that they would like to do while on the break so that we were not watching tv all day, every day. This is what they came up with.


  • Have a sleepover.
  • Play Clue.
  • Play the Xbox.
  • Play the Wii.
  • Go to Kangarooz.
  • Play Yahtzee.
  • Go to the park.
  • Play on the computer.
  • Play on the iPod.
  • Play on your phone.
  • Play Candy Land.
  • Play kickball.


  • Play pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Play ring around the rosy at the beach.
  • Get a baby.
  • Go to the park.
  • Have a tea party at the beach.
  • Celebrate Joseph’s birthday.


  • Pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Have a great big party.
  • Hang out with just the girls.
  • Go to Nana and Papa’s.
  • Build a fort and have a club.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Play outside.

So we’ve got lots to do!

We have already done a few things and they have had a day at the park with just daddy and they loved it! I’m pretty sure they’re getting sick and tired of each other already. They have fought nonstop for the last two days. Every day somebody is the meanest brother or sister ever and they will not be friends with each other anymore. Five minutes later, they never ever said that. Lol There have been a lot of time outs and talks about what is nice and good behavior and explaining that just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean your teeth do not have to be brushed and chores don’t have to be done. They aren’t too fond of those rules!

Side story!

Yesterday Amaya walked into the bathroom while I was taking my OPK and asked what I was doing and what I was dipping my “stick” into. I told her that I was dipping it into my pee and she got all kinds of grossed out. Lol THEN came the questions… How did you get your pee in the cup? Does it smell like pee even if it’s not in the toilet? Why do you dip the stick in? What are those lines? It was too funny. I then told her I was testing to see when my egg would be ready for baby making and she lit up! She said, “Oh cool! I hope we get a baby tomorrow because I can mark that off my list! Yay!”

These children are too much!

Happy spring break everyone! Wish us luck in keeping sane until Tuesday when the kiddos are back in school and of course good luck for our TTCing!


“Do they speak English in Texas?”

“What about Indiana? Is that where Indian’s live? Huh, Mom?”
“Hey! Why didn’t you guys use the cow-pons (Coupons) at the fair?”
“Huh? I have two pairs of underwear on… How did that happen? GIRLS! I HAVE TWO PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR ON”
Then they all laugh.
“Mommy… Is Daddy wearing a bra?”
“Yessssssssss!! My teacher is going to LOVE THIS!”

Joseph and I are playing hangman. It is my turn to choose a word for him to guess. “Mom, it has to be only countries this time.”
“Only countries, huh?!”
I choose Germany. He guesses correctly.
He has chosen a country for me.
I start picking my letters and am stumped.
Jonathan whispers, “Pensacola.”
He’s right.
“Pensacola is not a county, Joseph.”
“It’s not?”
“No, it’s a city.”
“What about… like… Mississippi?”

Heading out the door their first day back to school after Christmas break
“Am I still in 2nd grade Mom?”
“Even in the same classroom and stuff?”
LOL even he thought Christmas break lasted forever.

“Mom! When I’m writing my spelling, I keep forgetting the ‘s’ and stuff. So I’m writing no balls.” Then he giggles : P