“Do they speak English in Texas?”

“What about Indiana? Is that where Indian’s live? Huh, Mom?”
“Hey! Why didn’t you guys use the cow-pons (Coupons) at the fair?”
“Huh? I have two pairs of underwear on… How did that happen? GIRLS! I HAVE TWO PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR ON”
Then they all laugh.
“Mommy… Is Daddy wearing a bra?”
“Yessssssssss!! My teacher is going to LOVE THIS!”

Joseph and I are playing hangman. It is my turn to choose a word for him to guess. “Mom, it has to be only countries this time.”
“Only countries, huh?!”
I choose Germany. He guesses correctly.
He has chosen a country for me.
I start picking my letters and am stumped.
Jonathan whispers, “Pensacola.”
He’s right.
“Pensacola is not a county, Joseph.”
“It’s not?”
“No, it’s a city.”
“What about… like… Mississippi?”

Heading out the door their first day back to school after Christmas break
“Am I still in 2nd grade Mom?”
“Even in the same classroom and stuff?”
LOL even he thought Christmas break lasted forever.

“Mom! When I’m writing my spelling, I keep forgetting the ‘s’ and stuff. So I’m writing no balls.” Then he giggles : P