Mother’s Day & Random Updates

Mother’s Day was amazing! Jonathan and the kiddos are always so great. I got the cutest card of life from Jonathan and the most adorable owl trinkets and cards and lovin’s from my babies.

Jonathan has always treated me like a queen. He has always, always made sure that he makes my day special in some shape or form. He’ll make trips to the store after working all day, he’ll rub my feet, do the dishes, laundry, and all the things many women wish their men did (Yeah, I was totally bragging there!). All just because. He is amazing on so many levels. And I hate that I cannot be mad at him for more than two seconds. 😛

Mother’s Day was no different. We had a great day of laziness, Skyrim playing, Netflix watching and chocolate devouring. The kiddos made the cutest little things at school and they made sure to give me a million hugs and kisses and tell me how I was the bestest mommy ever! I love my family so much. I am truly blessed.

How was your Mother’s Day?


And for some random updates…

I have officially scheduled my tests for state licensing! It’s getting so much more real now! Eek! I am scheduled to take my practical test on June 9th and my written test June 22nd. So wish me luck guys! I’m so freaking nervous it’s sickening! I have never been so nervous about anything. Bleh!

I have applied to a handful of places. I received a call to set up an interview, but the only place they had an opening for was too far of a drive away, so unfortunately I had to turn it down. Next week I will be taking in my resume’s and speaking to some managers. So keep your fingers crossed for me on that too!

Tomorrow is the kiddos last day of school. I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone! The girls will have their kindergarten program tomorrow morning. They’re mostly excited about wearing their new outfits for it. Lol

Joseph has been a handful as of late. I am looking into pediatricians that can refer us to some help. He saw a therapist while he was in preschool and that seemed to help him a lot with just day-to-day activities, so I’m hoping that we’ll find something that works. He needs it and I need some sanity!

I was really hoping that this was going to be our BFP month, but AF came late last night. So back to the beginning.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try better to keep everyone posted.

Lot’s of love!


2nd Grade And Kindergarten Too!

It’s been a whole week (and two days to be precise) since the kiddos have begun this school year and I’ve yet to even mention it. I don’t feel too terribly though because Joseph’s first day of kindergarten wasn’t written about until two months later. D’oh!

August 4th, the apartment would be quiet. I would be alone. My babies children would all be in school. I’d be lost. I would cry, be depressed, lazy. I was surely going to miss all the screaming, the fighting, spankings, the time outs, and…

The apartment has been so nice and quiet! There is no screaming, crying or fighting. No spankings or time outs. Just me and the apartment. I think I’m already used to it! 😛
We started the day with a 5:20 alarm and a shower before waking the kiddos. Oatmeal for breakfast and out the door. 

Jonathan went into work late to be able to come and take the kiddos to their first day of school. They were so happy he was able to come. We loaded up and left the house at 6:30am to beat the traffic. We learned last year and the previous year not to leave at 7, because you won’t get to the school until at least 8, and the school is less than five miles from the house. First day of school traffic is ridiculous. However, this year we got to the school at 6:45 and had to wait 15 minutes before the school opens. I couldn’t believe it! There was literally zero traffic! Others were not so smart. A friend I attend school with made the same mistake we did previous years and didn’t get to school until nearly 8.
We took Joseph to class first since his was closest. 
We located his classroom. His teacher this year is Ms. Stetson and her assistant Ms. Childers. He hesitated walking into his classroom while fidgeting with the straps of his back pack and one last sad look at mommy and daddy before he walked in and found his seat. I’m surprised I didn’t cry then. I’m equally surprised at his hesitancy and shyness. 
We exited the second grade hall and entered kindergarten. At orientation we found out that the girls would be in separate classrooms, but directly across from one another. I found myself a little bummed about this since the lady completing their registration said she would probably put them into the same classroom. I got my hopes up, but the girls are ecstatic they aren’t in the same room. Ha! 
Amaya’s teacher this year is Mrs. Gipson and her assistant Ms. Rush. At orientation Jonathan and I had already decided we liked Tressa’s teacher best, so I’m hoping Amaya’s teacher doesn’t disappoint. She doesn’t seem to be very organized and she’s just too nice and seems easy. I want Amaya to be challenged so she doesn’t get bored and lose interest.*Crossing our fingers*
Amaya was so excited! Especially since a neighbor friend is in her class. She didn’t even say bye to us. Just found a seat she liked and started coloring. *Sigh*

Tressa’s teacher is Ms. Holifield (Pronounced: Holy-field). I love her already. She is super organized and up front about how she works. I think Tressa will be challenged just enough and I love this. Tressa found her designated seat and began coloring, much like Amaya. Only Tressa actually told us goodbye and asked, “Can you stay with me for just a little bit longer Mommy?” Uhhhh!!! My heart melted! I about lost it! 

After class drop offs, we walked away from the school and I was finally able to cry. I made it without crying in front of them. We made it home and I was a little sad at first. The silence was almost too much. That only lasted about an hour or two and I was steadily getting used to it. Ha!
I was happy to learn that they had such a great day! They had so much to tell me. They started yelling at one another because everyone of them was trying to tell me something all at once. I had to split it up and give everyone their 15 minutes. Lol
Joseph’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah. Um… Melanie Parker. She’s a girl.” *Giggle, giggle* “And Patrick and Rodriguez.”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Playing M&M Math because we got to eat the M&M’s when we were done. Playing at PE…… And we read stories called, Monster’s First Day Of School and Sam’s Best Seat In 2nd Grade.”
“… Me and a friend named Elijah, um… he has a name so you know what to call him…” HAHA!
Amaya’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah. EVERYONE!”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Playing at recess and getting my goody bag and new book.”
“I had broccoli in my salad at lunch and it was all crunchy because it was fresh! YUMMY!”
Tressa’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah, but not a lot. Just Cassy and Anthony.”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Nothing.” She starts crying and rubbing her eyes.
   -“Why not baby? You were so excited to tell me about your day when you got off the bus.”
   -“Because I didn’t *sob, sob* get to go, get to, *sob sob* to go to P.Eeeeeeeee. and, and *Sob sob* recess like Amaya and Joseph’s class did.” Poor baby 😦
“The Michael in my class is not my boyfriend Michael, it’s a new Michael.”
Their day’s were great! They loved it! They had so much to talk about and a lot of paper work to bring me! Ugh! Hate those first few days.
Joseph and Amaya have both already pulled keys (I’ll write a separate post on this later). Amaya for talking (go figure) and Joseph for being out of his seat without permission (another go figure). The girls will begin getting homework starting next week, thankfully! They’ve been pretty upset that Joseph has had homework and they haven’t. I’m guessing they won’t feel that way for long. Ha!
Joseph has his first spelling test today and I’m sure he’ll do great. He’s an excellent speller like his mommy! Amaya is tying her shoes like a pro. She learned last year, but over the summer her foot wear consisted of sandals and flip flops so she forgot. Joseph still isn’t grasping it. He gives up too quickly and he thinks that if he doesn’t untie them before taking them off that he doesn’t have to do it in the morning. Wrong! I’m going to work with both Tressa and Joseph on that this weekend. Hopefully they’ll master it. 
I’m already loving all of the drawings and class work they’re bringing home. I’ve yet to get anything back from Amaya’s teacher and this sadly, does not surprise me. She’s been a day behind the other two teachers in having paperwork sent home too. Ugh!
I hope to see my children continue to have such good feelings about learning and school. I can’t wait to see them blossom with intelligence and confidence.
More to come,