Dear Joseph

     Seven… Seven years old you are. I’m sure I will say this over and over, but it seems as though it were just yesterday you were born and placed into my arms where your daddy and I gazed upon you for hours. I know every parent has asked “Where has the time gone?” but I just can’t help it!

     You weigh 51.2 lbs. (I know! But he wouldn’t let me continue writing without adding the .2 lol. He kept saying “51.2 MOM! Not just 51!”) and are 49″ (4ft. 1 1/2″) tall. You wear a size 1 1/2 shoe and a 6/7 pants and shirt. Although the pants must be worn with a belt and still adjusted as much as possible on the inside. Skinny as all get out! I swear you eat more than I do!

     You’ve lost some of your “neediness” and uncertainty about things and are more enthusiastic and curious about the things you do and the things around you. You ask A LOT of questions, and that’s really great, but why didn’t anyone warn me about this stage?! It’s a never-ending trivia nightmare around here. You’re still cursed with my OCD, but are getting better at adjusting to change and basically rolling with the punches.

     Your behavior at school has improved drastically this month! In the 11 days of school this month you pulled a total of only four keys! That’s fantastic! That’s usually your daily quota. It makes me that much happier knowing how excited you get from such an accomplishment! You’ve gotten home with a smile on your face every day… Well… except for that one day, and exclaimed how many, if any keys you pulled that day.

     You accomplished many things the last year. You read your first Harry Potter book, you were on the A honor roll the first quarter and have been on the A/B honor roll the remainder of the year, you’re getting better with counting money, you didn’t break any bones :-P. I asked you what your favorite accomplishments were this year and you told me you learned how to ride a bike, you got better at math, and you read a lot of books. Things you say you want to accomplish this year: Learn to drive a car (good luck with that one!), Learn to play a new game, and read a really long book because you want to try and read faster. I love your goals. I love that you have goals.

     I love it when you tell me I’m the best mommy ever or when you wake me in the morning just to give me a hug before you watch cartoons or when you tell your sisters how much you love them. You’re an amazing little boy and I am so proud of the man you will surely become. Mommy and daddy are so in love with you! You make our days worth all the while.

    Mommy & Daddy