Mother Of The Year Award Goes To…

Picture it, Sicily 1948… Haha! I know… I’m just so hilarious!

Seriously though. It’s Friday morning (today). School picture day. I wake the kiddos up about an hour earlier to get ready so we have time for hair curling, etc. Tressa comes into my room, throws herself on my bed and starts complaining about her tummy hurting and feeling like she’s going to throw up. I’m instantly irritated.

Back story: Both of the girls have gone to the nurse 5 times since school started and tried to come home early. The second you pick them up from school, they’re suddenly no longer sick, they’re running all over the place and they want McDonald’s or ice cream. So frustrating! So the last time we told the nurse if they were not throwing up or running a fever, to send them back to class. So she did. They apparently got the hint and have not gone to the nurse since. So then they started trying the, ‘let’s pretend we’re sick when mom wakes us up for school’ plan, but it’s not been successful. So that has ceased also.

Back to this morning: I told Tressa, “Today is not the day to be playing games. It’s picture day. Now get dressed, get your teeth brushed and come in here so I can fix your hair.” She whined, but did what she was told. I figured maybe she was just hungry since she had not eaten her dinner last night because “It was gross.” she said. I gave her something to eat. She ate fine, but was still complaining.

I curled her hair and she started making the gag… You know the one. So I reached for the trash can and had her sit down. Now I feel like total crap for not believing she was not feeling well.

Amaya is dressed and ready for me to fix her hair. I start curling it and after about five minutes she leans forward and starts crying. (I figured this was the ‘Tressa gets to stay home, so I’m going to pretend to be sick and stay home too’ plan) I threw down the comb and told her that if she was going to pretend to be sick she could stay home, but she would be in bed after she did a number of chores and on top of that she would be grounded for a week. She threw a fit. I threw a fit.

I fixed Joseph’s hair and took him to the bus stop while I made Amaya clean her bedroom.

The girls’ bedroom is clean and I call in to work. Both girls are asleep. 20 minutes later Amaya wakes up crying and vomits everywhere!

I…AM…THE…WORST…MOTHER…EVER!!! How come I didn’t believe her when she said she was sick? Not to mention, I punished her and said all these mean things. 😦

I apologized like crazy. I held her and I cried for feeling like I failed her somehow. What if later she fears telling me something because she thinks I will not believe her or thinks that I will freak out on her? I’m flashing forward to her preteen and teen years and it doesn’t look good if she fears coming to me for anything. *sigh*

Hope everyone else is having a better Friday than I.


-Super sad mommy.




Mother’s Day & Random Updates

Mother’s Day was amazing! Jonathan and the kiddos are always so great. I got the cutest card of life from Jonathan and the most adorable owl trinkets and cards and lovin’s from my babies.

Jonathan has always treated me like a queen. He has always, always made sure that he makes my day special in some shape or form. He’ll make trips to the store after working all day, he’ll rub my feet, do the dishes, laundry, and all the things many women wish their men did (Yeah, I was totally bragging there!). All just because. He is amazing on so many levels. And I hate that I cannot be mad at him for more than two seconds. 😛

Mother’s Day was no different. We had a great day of laziness, Skyrim playing, Netflix watching and chocolate devouring. The kiddos made the cutest little things at school and they made sure to give me a million hugs and kisses and tell me how I was the bestest mommy ever! I love my family so much. I am truly blessed.

How was your Mother’s Day?


And for some random updates…

I have officially scheduled my tests for state licensing! It’s getting so much more real now! Eek! I am scheduled to take my practical test on June 9th and my written test June 22nd. So wish me luck guys! I’m so freaking nervous it’s sickening! I have never been so nervous about anything. Bleh!

I have applied to a handful of places. I received a call to set up an interview, but the only place they had an opening for was too far of a drive away, so unfortunately I had to turn it down. Next week I will be taking in my resume’s and speaking to some managers. So keep your fingers crossed for me on that too!

Tomorrow is the kiddos last day of school. I cannot believe how quickly it has all gone! The girls will have their kindergarten program tomorrow morning. They’re mostly excited about wearing their new outfits for it. Lol

Joseph has been a handful as of late. I am looking into pediatricians that can refer us to some help. He saw a therapist while he was in preschool and that seemed to help him a lot with just day-to-day activities, so I’m hoping that we’ll find something that works. He needs it and I need some sanity!

I was really hoping that this was going to be our BFP month, but AF came late last night. So back to the beginning.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ll try better to keep everyone posted.

Lot’s of love!

What They Wish To Do

The kiddos are on spring break until the 9th. I asked them to write the things that they would like to do while on the break so that we were not watching tv all day, every day. This is what they came up with.


  • Have a sleepover.
  • Play Clue.
  • Play the Xbox.
  • Play the Wii.
  • Go to Kangarooz.
  • Play Yahtzee.
  • Go to the park.
  • Play on the computer.
  • Play on the iPod.
  • Play on your phone.
  • Play Candy Land.
  • Play kickball.


  • Play pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Play ring around the rosy at the beach.
  • Get a baby.
  • Go to the park.
  • Have a tea party at the beach.
  • Celebrate Joseph’s birthday.


  • Pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Have a great big party.
  • Hang out with just the girls.
  • Go to Nana and Papa’s.
  • Build a fort and have a club.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Play outside.

So we’ve got lots to do!

We have already done a few things and they have had a day at the park with just daddy and they loved it! I’m pretty sure they’re getting sick and tired of each other already. They have fought nonstop for the last two days. Every day somebody is the meanest brother or sister ever and they will not be friends with each other anymore. Five minutes later, they never ever said that. Lol There have been a lot of time outs and talks about what is nice and good behavior and explaining that just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean your teeth do not have to be brushed and chores don’t have to be done. They aren’t too fond of those rules!

Side story!

Yesterday Amaya walked into the bathroom while I was taking my OPK and asked what I was doing and what I was dipping my “stick” into. I told her that I was dipping it into my pee and she got all kinds of grossed out. Lol THEN came the questions… How did you get your pee in the cup? Does it smell like pee even if it’s not in the toilet? Why do you dip the stick in? What are those lines? It was too funny. I then told her I was testing to see when my egg would be ready for baby making and she lit up! She said, “Oh cool! I hope we get a baby tomorrow because I can mark that off my list! Yay!”

These children are too much!

Happy spring break everyone! Wish us luck in keeping sane until Tuesday when the kiddos are back in school and of course good luck for our TTCing!

Drill or Stupid School?

Joseph came home from school Thursday saying they had a lock down. They were at recess and another teacher ran outside to tell the teachers who were out there that they needed to get all the children inside.

I asked him if it was a drill. He said it wasn’t a drill because they had police there and everything. Then his teacher told them that they had to stay quiet and calm because there was somebody in the school that was not supposed to be there.

WHY THE (insert expletive) WAS I NOT INFORMED OF THIS FROM THE SCHOOL?!?! No letter, no phone call, nothing! They sure are quick to send out their automated phone calls to all the parents about the last day to send phone books or fundraising money. This really pisses me off!

So it may not have been an armed man or woman and could have just been a parent trying to see their child that is restricted to those rights or even someone who just forgot to sign in. I don’t know. That’s what bothers me. There is not a lot I could have done by knowing that there was a lock down because I’m sure they wouldn’t allow anyone into the building to get their children, but that is beside the point. We should have been informed!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

How would you handle this situation??

I’m SO Excited!!!

Finally had a parent teacher conference with Mrs. Gipson, Amaya’s teacher. It went SO well!!! She sits down and asks if I have any specific concerns. She stops me before I can even say anything and says, “I know. I’m not challenging her enough. Right?!” That’s absolutely right! DING DING DING!!! Tell her what she’s won!

Okay… Back on track.

That’s definitely been a big issue that I’ve had. All of Amaya’s work that does get sent home is always covered in drawings on the back. Loads of drawings, not just a little doodle, a whole masterpiece. When asking Amaya about it, she said she had to draw to wait for everyone else to finish their work. Amaya never has homework. It’s because she’s been giving it to her during the day to keep her occupied. She’s moved on from sight words to phrases and she’s already completed those. She’s known all of this well before kindergarten. Then her class was removed from the AR program because they didn’t have enough slots for everyone. So they don’t even do AR, they just let them grab whatever book they want off the shelves. Gipson did say that she was still verbally testing them on the books that they choose, just to keep them in the groove of testing. The parents were sent home notices about the AR testing a few months back and it stated that they were giving the tests verbally until the children could read themselves. HELLO?! How do you not know my child can read already? She’s been reading since she was three! I sent a note to her requesting Amaya do the testing herself, with guidance in case she needed it. NEVER got a response. I brought it up today and she apologized for not having gotten back with me and asked her assistant, Mrs. Rush (who does the AR testing with the children) how the tests were being given to Amaya. She said that Amaya has been doing them herself for quite a while. Good answer, ’cause I would’ve been pissed off!

There were other things we talked about, mostly my dislike in her response time to me. Hopefully that will no longer be an issue.

Now for the GOOD AMAZING, EXCITING news!!!

Gipson told me that she spoke to the principal this morning before she met with me to discuss some good news. She’s considering moving Amaya to the first grade!!!! EEK!!!!! At first I was irritated because she never initiated this before I requested to see her a gazillion times. But then I quickly got over that because it was happening now. She’s sending an email to all the first grade teachers and setting up a meeting with them to discuss it and introduce them to Amaya. She’ll then be tested with about three different types of tests to see where she stands and where she may be lacking. Instead of going straight to first grade right away, they’ll be starting her with whichever teacher chooses her for one hour each day and then they’ll go from there. Which to me sounds like it might take a couple months. I’m hoping not. I’ll be there to give them a boost if there’s any hindrance. Believe it!

Gipson’s biggest concern with this seemed to be Tressa (Gipson has twins who are now 23). It’s got me bothered some too. I’m not sure how to handle this situation with her. I don’t want her to feel left out or not good enough… What if it becomes an issue with Joseph too. What if he feels less than because of it… *Sigh* Any ideas on how to approach this with Joseph and Tressa? Please send them my way!

There is much more to tell, but I can barely type because of the excitement! I’ve had a million typos to correct and more I’m sure I’ve missed a million more. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated and in the loop when I am notified of anything.


What Have We Been Up To?

It has been over a month since I’d updated anyone on much of anything. So I’ll give you some idea as to what we have been doing since then. Which really isn’t much…

Let’s see…

My parent’s made a spontaneous move to St. Augustine, Florida in early September. They were going to make a pit stop here on their way, but Tropical Storm Lee had other plans. They were driving a 24ft. U-Haul, pulling their car and my grandmother was driving their van behind them. I don’t blame them one bit for deciding to skip their stop here and head straight to their new home. During their stop at a hotel, my mother called. We talked about the storm and the situation. She then laughs and says, “I’m tired of lying to you being this high. You want to talk to him?” I said sure and then was like, Huh? Well, my dad, or who I thought was my dad, get’s on the phone and we talk for about 30 seconds. I then asked puzzled, “Wait… Who is this?” Not recognizing the voice as my dad’s. He laughs and says, “Mckinnion. Who did you think it was?” I freaked! I was so excited. I had to ask him what it was Mom said before she handed him the phone. She actually said, “I’m tired of lying to you, Boy (what we’ve called Mckinnion since he was fresh from the womb) says hi. You want to talk to him?” That is so not what I heard. Lol I was super excited to hear from my brother. They were going to surprise me when they showed up. I had no idea that he was moving with them. Unfortunately, life happens, and they’ve still yet to make the trip here. Soon… We’ll see…

On September 12th I had gotten a pretty bad toothache. I’d taken Tylenol all day for, but at about 5 o’clock-ish, it reared it’s big ugly head at me. I hadn’t felt pain quite like it ever! I stayed home from school that night, hoping it would get better. It didn’t. I couldn’t sleep and my face had swollen. I looked and felt hideous! Wish I’d had taken a picture to show you. :Þ  Jonathan stayed home from work the next morning so that he could take the kiddos to their six month dental cleaning and checkup since I was feeling so miserably. He kept trying to talk me into going to the dentist or Urgent Care, but our funds were super tight that week and there was no way we’d be able to afford it. So I refused to go. He called his mother, and asked for a favor. She was seriously my lifesaver that morning! I don’t know what I would have done had she not been there to help us out.

Went to Urgent Care to have it checked out. It was a severe abscess. He told me that had I not gone in when I did, I may have had to be hospitalized for severe infection. Holy crap, that was scary! He prescribed me penicillin, naproxen and lortab. He said he felt safe prescribing me a narcotic since I “looked legit.” Haha! Got my prescriptions and downed them right away! Unfortunately, the penicillin made me vomit for the first two days. It was terrible! Couldn’t keep anything down and was in a constant state of pain from the abscess and nausea from the penicillin. It took about a week, before I truly felt back to normal. We were able to pay my in-laws back for the doctor’s visit and Rx’s the following week. And I couldn’t thank them enough for all the help they’ve been able to offer us. You are truly appreciated!

The day I went to Urgent Care, happened to be the same day the kids’ dental cleaning and checkup was. They go every six months. I’ll be damned if they ever have teeth like mine 😦 Anywhoo… Jonathan took them and Joseph had moderate gingivitis. What? I make them brush their teeth after every meal. There is no way he has gingivitis! Apparently, when I had told him to brush, he was just going into the bathroom to play. So I ended up brushing his teeth for a week after that and then watched him every time the following week to make sure it was actually getting done. I don’t supervise him now, but I do random check-in’s when he’s brushing. So far, every time, he’s actually brushing and doing it correctly. Dr. Hyde, then discussed fixing his chipped front tooth… Again! They fixed it once, and it fell off that week! If it doesn’t stay for very long this time, they’ll just put a crown on it instead. I imagine, that’s what’s going to have to happen. He plays too rough to not lose the piece they put on.  All of them are clear of any cavities and everything looks great. Still trying to get the girls to quit sucking their thumbs though. They’re okay as long as they’re busy. The second they stop doing anything, it’s right to their mouths. Tressa has started using her shirts in place of her blanket when she sucks her thumb. Ugh! She’s so rebellious! :Þ Just don’t want the girls to cause any malformation of their teeth. It’s bad enough Joseph is going to probably have braces. Bleh! Poor kiddos and my bad genes. (Thanks a lot Dad! :Þ)

For school, we had a scavenger hunt scheduled at the local outlet mall for the 28th. It got cancelled due to the bad weather that day. Nobody brought anything to be able to do practical work, so we ended up going to Edgewater Mall instead. For the scavenger hunt we had grouped up in no more than five people. We were given a list of things to find, like, someone with a swing bob, someone 50% gray, someone with rollers still in their hair, and we had to approach said person, explain who we were and get their permission to take a picture. It was super fun until one of the rent-a-cop’s approached us and halted our fun because he said we had to have prior approval from the mall manager. UGH! We’d all made the trip so Mrs. Lynne and Mr. Morgan told us to go do some shopping, or window shopping and get something to eat to fill our time for the next two hours or so. Overall it was fun, but wish we could have done what was intended. Next time we’ll know to get prior approval.

I was able to pick up my honey and take him out during his lunch break one day. It was nice to just see him and let him get out of his work atmosphere for about an hour. He needed the break. 🙂

Our school was cancelled on the 1st of this month, so I had a whole weekend with the family. On Sunday we decided we would get out and do something. We’re always cooped up in the house. There really isn’t a whole lot to do around here for very cheap, unless you want to go to the beach… And we’re just not beach lovers. Right Rebecca? :Þ

We went for lunch at McDonald’s since Chick-fil-a is closed on Sunday! Bleh! Then we went and played minigolf. We had so much fun! It was a beautiful day out too. The weather was perfect, it was quiet out and the kiddos were well behaved. Amaya got bored after the first hole. She looked to Jonathan and said, “I’m done playing hockey.” Lol Hockey?

After finishing our game the kiddos asked if we were going to be doing anything else. We’d gotten lucky to be able to do what we did that day. Then they started stomping their feet and bickering about how they wanted to do this and do that. My feelings were hurt! They didn’t say, “Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us out. We had a great time!” It was more like “Fuck you guys. We want more.” Ugh! I wasn’t even angry with them, I was just hurt. Our finances are budgeted every month and rarely do we have enough extra to do something outside of the house or go out to eat. And we did both that day. I felt like they were being so ungrateful and rude. Jonathan works his ass off to provide for us and then they acted that way. I had a talk with them and felt a little better. I know that they’re just kids and they don’t understand things the way that we do, but it still hurt.

School is going well. SO READY to be done. I should be finished by February. These last few months seem to be going so quickly, yet so slowly. We’ve lost a lot of our teachers and are now down to two instructors. Hoping we don’t lose another. The teacher, student ratio would not meet requirements then. Not sure what will happen if that takes place.

The kiddos are doing well in school. I still can’t stand Amaya’s teacher for shit. Hoping to resolve that. Joseph’s class had an AR party and he told us that he’d met his goal, but was still unable to participate. I contacted his teacher and she told me that he did indeed meet his goal, but his average score was 86 and you had to have an average of 90. She then states how proud she is of him for reading chapter books. He’s the only one in his class reading the chapter books, and he’s only 4 points under in average and he still cannot participate! So he’s penalized for reading at levels above his classmates. Lovely!

We did our costume shopping this weekend. Joseph has wanted to be a skeleton since April. He chose this costume. He’s most excited about the blood. Tressa walked into the store and immediately picked out the Spanish Princess costume. Amaya was dead set on being a princess when we walked into the store until she spotted the Miss Sock Hop costume. Unfortunately, they didn’t have her size. So she resorted back to her original idea and is a princess. She’s so excited about it lighting up too. She’s told everyone already!

A friend from school told me about a new subdivision that was being built. They have two and three bedroom houses. We drove by on Monday, hoping they’d be open so that we could see them. They were closed, but we drove around and the outsides are beautiful. The three bedrooms are only $675 a month (1350 sq ft. They also offer a 1500 sq ft but I’m not sure what the price difference is). That’s only $60 more a month than what we pay now. AND they have two car garages, big yards and they’ll put up a six foot privacy fence around the back yard for an additional $25 a month. I’m super stoked! We’re hoping that Jonathan can get a day off this week to be able to stop by and view them. It’s kinda out in the country too. But it’s so pretty and quiet out there. So far, I’m already disappointed in the fact that the kids would attend Lyman Elementary. When I was substituting, I taught there three times for the first and third grade and I did not care for the teachers. They were just awful mean to the kids. I’ve heard that their principal has changed since then and things may be different. I dunno…

I’ve rambled quite a bit. So I’ll end things here.
Hope everyone has been doing well!

2nd Grade And Kindergarten Too!

It’s been a whole week (and two days to be precise) since the kiddos have begun this school year and I’ve yet to even mention it. I don’t feel too terribly though because Joseph’s first day of kindergarten wasn’t written about until two months later. D’oh!

August 4th, the apartment would be quiet. I would be alone. My babies children would all be in school. I’d be lost. I would cry, be depressed, lazy. I was surely going to miss all the screaming, the fighting, spankings, the time outs, and…

The apartment has been so nice and quiet! There is no screaming, crying or fighting. No spankings or time outs. Just me and the apartment. I think I’m already used to it! 😛
We started the day with a 5:20 alarm and a shower before waking the kiddos. Oatmeal for breakfast and out the door. 

Jonathan went into work late to be able to come and take the kiddos to their first day of school. They were so happy he was able to come. We loaded up and left the house at 6:30am to beat the traffic. We learned last year and the previous year not to leave at 7, because you won’t get to the school until at least 8, and the school is less than five miles from the house. First day of school traffic is ridiculous. However, this year we got to the school at 6:45 and had to wait 15 minutes before the school opens. I couldn’t believe it! There was literally zero traffic! Others were not so smart. A friend I attend school with made the same mistake we did previous years and didn’t get to school until nearly 8.
We took Joseph to class first since his was closest. 
We located his classroom. His teacher this year is Ms. Stetson and her assistant Ms. Childers. He hesitated walking into his classroom while fidgeting with the straps of his back pack and one last sad look at mommy and daddy before he walked in and found his seat. I’m surprised I didn’t cry then. I’m equally surprised at his hesitancy and shyness. 
We exited the second grade hall and entered kindergarten. At orientation we found out that the girls would be in separate classrooms, but directly across from one another. I found myself a little bummed about this since the lady completing their registration said she would probably put them into the same classroom. I got my hopes up, but the girls are ecstatic they aren’t in the same room. Ha! 
Amaya’s teacher this year is Mrs. Gipson and her assistant Ms. Rush. At orientation Jonathan and I had already decided we liked Tressa’s teacher best, so I’m hoping Amaya’s teacher doesn’t disappoint. She doesn’t seem to be very organized and she’s just too nice and seems easy. I want Amaya to be challenged so she doesn’t get bored and lose interest.*Crossing our fingers*
Amaya was so excited! Especially since a neighbor friend is in her class. She didn’t even say bye to us. Just found a seat she liked and started coloring. *Sigh*

Tressa’s teacher is Ms. Holifield (Pronounced: Holy-field). I love her already. She is super organized and up front about how she works. I think Tressa will be challenged just enough and I love this. Tressa found her designated seat and began coloring, much like Amaya. Only Tressa actually told us goodbye and asked, “Can you stay with me for just a little bit longer Mommy?” Uhhhh!!! My heart melted! I about lost it! 

After class drop offs, we walked away from the school and I was finally able to cry. I made it without crying in front of them. We made it home and I was a little sad at first. The silence was almost too much. That only lasted about an hour or two and I was steadily getting used to it. Ha!
I was happy to learn that they had such a great day! They had so much to tell me. They started yelling at one another because everyone of them was trying to tell me something all at once. I had to split it up and give everyone their 15 minutes. Lol
Joseph’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah. Um… Melanie Parker. She’s a girl.” *Giggle, giggle* “And Patrick and Rodriguez.”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Playing M&M Math because we got to eat the M&M’s when we were done. Playing at PE…… And we read stories called, Monster’s First Day Of School and Sam’s Best Seat In 2nd Grade.”
“… Me and a friend named Elijah, um… he has a name so you know what to call him…” HAHA!
Amaya’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah. EVERYONE!”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Playing at recess and getting my goody bag and new book.”
“I had broccoli in my salad at lunch and it was all crunchy because it was fresh! YUMMY!”
Tressa’s day:
-“Did you make any new friends?”
   -“Yeah, but not a lot. Just Cassy and Anthony.”
-“What was your favorite thing about today?”
   -“Nothing.” She starts crying and rubbing her eyes.
   -“Why not baby? You were so excited to tell me about your day when you got off the bus.”
   -“Because I didn’t *sob, sob* get to go, get to, *sob sob* to go to P.Eeeeeeeee. and, and *Sob sob* recess like Amaya and Joseph’s class did.” Poor baby 😦
“The Michael in my class is not my boyfriend Michael, it’s a new Michael.”
Their day’s were great! They loved it! They had so much to talk about and a lot of paper work to bring me! Ugh! Hate those first few days.
Joseph and Amaya have both already pulled keys (I’ll write a separate post on this later). Amaya for talking (go figure) and Joseph for being out of his seat without permission (another go figure). The girls will begin getting homework starting next week, thankfully! They’ve been pretty upset that Joseph has had homework and they haven’t. I’m guessing they won’t feel that way for long. Ha!
Joseph has his first spelling test today and I’m sure he’ll do great. He’s an excellent speller like his mommy! Amaya is tying her shoes like a pro. She learned last year, but over the summer her foot wear consisted of sandals and flip flops so she forgot. Joseph still isn’t grasping it. He gives up too quickly and he thinks that if he doesn’t untie them before taking them off that he doesn’t have to do it in the morning. Wrong! I’m going to work with both Tressa and Joseph on that this weekend. Hopefully they’ll master it. 
I’m already loving all of the drawings and class work they’re bringing home. I’ve yet to get anything back from Amaya’s teacher and this sadly, does not surprise me. She’s been a day behind the other two teachers in having paperwork sent home too. Ugh!
I hope to see my children continue to have such good feelings about learning and school. I can’t wait to see them blossom with intelligence and confidence.
More to come,