Days 13,14,15, AND 16… Maybe

I really did make it all weekend long without logging onto facebook, blogger, or any internet period! I was kinda bored. Lol Monday, I did all of my “catching up”, reading everything, commenting and messaging people back. A few people had sent me messages asking why I hadn’t responded to their messages. Lol

We had a good weekend. Pretty laid back and slow going. We’re always in a hurry to get somewhere or always have a plan to do this or do that. This weekend we let ourselves stay in our pajamas and watch movies and eat chocolate. The kids were loving it! We decided to turn our cable off (I’ll write a seperate separate blog about that after I learn how to spell separate without spell check :Þ).

During our nightly story time this weekend we read a book titled, Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. Kind of cute, kind of not, but the kids loved it. The first page says,  

Dinosaurs were all wiped out,
A long way back in history.
No one knows quite how or why,
Now this book solves the mystery…  

Then there is this picture 
 Amaya declares, “They are machine dinosaurs!”
Joseph and her argue for a minute about whether they’re skeletons or machine dino’s and we carry on with our story.
Obviously I’m skipping days 13-16, mostly because I don’t find them interesting and I had to google fanfic (day 15) just to find out I have nothing to blog for that… Lol. Day 16 being a song that makes me cry (or nearly) and I don’t have any of those either… It used to be Stay by Sugarland, but I have moved on… … on to songs that make me shake my ass, make me sing, make me smile, or make me bang my head a couple times. I like things better that way!
Yesterday I had to make a complaint about a very disturbing neighbor. This man is usually outside his apartment, in his boxers, with his hand in them grabbing his crotch while the other is holding a cigarette in the mornings when I walk the girls to the bus stop. Then Sunday while unloading the groceries, he comes outside, pulls his shorts to his knees and grabs his crotch bringing it over his shorts (He still had his boxers on, but nonetheless it was inappropriate) and looks at me with a grin… Disgust! They addressed the problem immediately and I have seen him with his clothes on since yesterday and he was not outside the apartment this morning. What is it with some people?! I just don’t get it.
Until tomorrow…

Does anyone know of a good free dvd burner?