Summer Bucket List: Start A Disney World Savings

Jonathan and I have talked about going to Disney World since last year. We had originally planned to go this year, but we added a new baby to the family! So worth not going to Disney World! We definitely want to go before the kiddos are too much older. We really want them to just enjoy it as much as possible.

We started talking about it again a couple of months back. After talking about it we decided we needed to set a date for the trip and quit just talking about it.

We’ve invited some family along to make the trip that much more fun! I think that Jonathan and I are more excited about the trip than the kiddos! I’m pretty sure I’m the only one excited about buying Mickey ears!

Our plan as of now is for a March 2014 trip.

It’s a WHOLE lotta money to be saved up, but we got this! We’ve done a lot of figuring and planning with our budget and savings.

To get the kiddos involved and more excited about it we needed a visual savings. So we had them decorate an extra wipes container. They loved it. The girls more so than Joseph, but their drawings turned out super cute!











With all the change we had collected, and tips that I had earned, we started our Disney World savings with $233.50! Not too bad! Only $4,766.50 to go. 😛