Summer Bucket List: Play In The Rain

We actually got some rain and we almost missed the chance to play in it because we had all justΒ  sat down for breakfast and I was being ‘that mom‘. The kiddos asked if they could go play in it, and I said “after breakfast”. Then the rain stopped! I was so angry. Then 20 minutes later it started to rain again. The kiddos almost missed it again because I told them to “get in play clothes first.” Then I was pissed at myself for that. About an hour later it rained again, and I wanted them to enjoy it while it was good. We told them to just run out there. They had lots of fun. And then Joseph and Tressa started splashing one another with mud. πŸ™‚










Joseph’s 9th Birthday Interview

We celebrated Joseph’s birthday on Sunday at the bowling alley. We had such a great time! The kids had a blast and we adults had just as much fun too!

So here is this years interview with the Birthday Boy! Here are his earlier birthday interviews.

Favorite food? “Spaghetti.”

Favorite drink? “Root beer.”

Favorite cartoon?“Ben 10”

Favorite cartoon character? “Ben 10.”

Favorite movie? “Suite Life On Deck. The movie. But it’s spelled S-U-I-T-E.”

Favorite animal? “Bear.”

Favorite toy? “Frisbee.”

Favorite color? “Grrr…Red. It was green, but now it’s red.”

Favorite letter? “J.”

Favorite number? “Two.”

Favorite story?Kahasi and The Loon.”

Favorite song?Smash Mouth- All Star.”

Favorite game?Sonic Colors for my DS.”

Favorite holiday? “Halloween.”

Favorite day? “The 16th of April and Friday.”

Favorite season? “Fall.”

Favorite scent? “Flowers. Daisies.”

What do you want to be when you grow up? “A masseuse. I’m really gonna be a masseuse.”

Do you have a girlfriend? “NO! Ewe!”

What is your favorite thing in school? “Math.”

What is your least favorite thing in school? “Reading.”

Who is your best friend? “Kirk.”

What is something you want to learn or do this year? “I want to vacation to minigolf.”

What is your favorite memory from age 8? “Turning eight. My birthday.”

Describe yourself in three words. “Cute, funny, disgusting…*giggles*… Nine years old.”

If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? “Save it for a car.”

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? “Jordin Sparks. I like her singing.”

What is something that you learned this year? “Math. Multiplication and division.”

What life lesson did you learn? “What’s a life lesson?… Arguing less.”

Hobbies? “Games.”

What do you want to improve about yourself? “Attitude.”

How many children do you want to have when you grow up? “Seven or eight.”

Are you going to get married? “Mm, yeah. That’s the only way you can get kids, right?”

Next we asked how much he thought certain things cost.

Gallon of gas? “$30.45” Sure feels like it. πŸ˜›

Gallon of milk? “$1.85”

Loaf of bread? “$5”

Car? “$5,000”

House? “$2,000”

Stamp? “$2.00”


“Do they speak English in Texas?”

“What about Indiana? Is that where Indian’s live? Huh, Mom?”
“Hey! Why didn’t you guys use the cow-pons (Coupons) at the fair?”
“Huh? I have two pairs of underwear on… How did that happen? GIRLS! I HAVE TWO PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR ON”
Then they all laugh.
“Mommy… Is Daddy wearing a bra?”
“Yessssssssss!! My teacher is going to LOVE THIS!”

Joseph and I are playing hangman. It is my turn to choose a word for him to guess. “Mom, it has to be only countries this time.”
“Only countries, huh?!”
I choose Germany. He guesses correctly.
He has chosen a country for me.
I start picking my letters and am stumped.
Jonathan whispers, “Pensacola.”
He’s right.
“Pensacola is not a county, Joseph.”
“It’s not?”
“No, it’s a city.”
“What about… like… Mississippi?”

Heading out the door their first day back to school after Christmas break
“Am I still in 2nd grade Mom?”
“Even in the same classroom and stuff?”
LOL even he thought Christmas break lasted forever.

“Mom! When I’m writing my spelling, I keep forgetting the ‘s’ and stuff. So I’m writing no balls.” Then he giggles : P