Summer Bucket List: See A Movie

Finally starting to catch up the blog now that all the kiddos are back in school! Hallelujah!

Sunday (the July 23rd), I finally had a day off after nine days straight! (I let everyone know I had worked nine days straight too. I’m sure they were sick of hearing it. LOL) It was so freaking nice!

We decided that we were going to see a movie. The kiddos were set on seeing Monsters University. And we quickly agreed. I mean, who didn’t love Monsters Inc.?

First we headed to Wal-Mart. Because nobody pays for candy at the theater! Thank goodness for Silas’ diaper bag! Lots of pockets for all that awesome candy yo! We bought milk duds, red hots, sweet tarts, a 2 lb bag of assorted Hershey’s chocolates, nerds, whoppers, you name it, we probably bought it.

We got our seats and ate all the popcorn during the previews. Typical! Which brings me to tell you how freaking excited I am to see the movie Frost! Watch the trailer, its super cute!

Silas did really well. I was afraid that we were going to be the parents everyone in the theater is bitching about because ‘they brought their freaking baby to a theater!’ He did decide to get a little chatty during the previews. He was just really learning that he had a voice and could make all these cool sounds with it, but I just popped the boob in his mouth and all was quiet again. Lol He ate, watched about five minutes worth of previews and slept until the end.

The movie was cute. The kiddos enjoyed it and we enjoyed it. And I had chocolate. So all was well in the world.

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