What They Wish To Do

The kiddos are on spring break until the 9th. I asked them to write the things that they would like to do while on the break so that we were not watching tv all day, every day. This is what they came up with.


  • Have a sleepover.
  • Play Clue.
  • Play the Xbox.
  • Play the Wii.
  • Go to Kangarooz.
  • Play Yahtzee.
  • Go to the park.
  • Play on the computer.
  • Play on the iPod.
  • Play on your phone.
  • Play Candy Land.
  • Play kickball.


  • Play pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Play ring around the rosy at the beach.
  • Get a baby.
  • Go to the park.
  • Have a tea party at the beach.
  • Celebrate Joseph’s birthday.


  • Pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Have a pretend sleepover.
  • Have a great big party.
  • Hang out with just the girls.
  • Go to Nana and Papa’s.
  • Build a fort and have a club.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Play outside.

So we’ve got lots to do!

We have already done a few things and they have had a day at the park with just daddy and they loved it! I’m pretty sure they’re getting sick and tired of each other already. They have fought nonstop for the last two days. Every day somebody is the meanest brother or sister ever and they will not be friends with each other anymore. Five minutes later, they never ever said that. Lol There have been a lot of time outs and talks about what is nice and good behavior and explaining that just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean your teeth do not have to be brushed and chores don’t have to be done. They aren’t too fond of those rules!

Side story!

Yesterday Amaya walked into the bathroom while I was taking my OPK and asked what I was doing and what I was dipping my “stick” into. I told her that I was dipping it into my pee and she got all kinds of grossed out. Lol THEN came the questions… How did you get your pee in the cup? Does it smell like pee even if it’s not in the toilet? Why do you dip the stick in? What are those lines? It was too funny. I then told her I was testing to see when my egg would be ready for baby making and she lit up! She said, “Oh cool! I hope we get a baby tomorrow because I can mark that off my list! Yay!”

These children are too much!

Happy spring break everyone! Wish us luck in keeping sane until Tuesday when the kiddos are back in school and of course good luck for our TTCing!


School, TTC And Random Updates

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve really said anything about school on here, so I’ll start with that.

My last day of class is officially March 24th! Can you believe it?!

About two weeks ago I started testing out of school. This entails passing a written mock State Board exam at least twice with an 85 or higher as well as practicing your practical procedures and job searching, etc.

I have taken three tests. The first time I just KNEW I was going to pass this test with an 85, no problem. I made a freaking 74! I was so mad! And, of course, they were all stupid mistakes. This Tuesday I took another test. This test was very similar to the first test. And again, I thought I did fantastically. I made a 73! By this point, I’m irritated as hell. At least I know I shouldn’t have any issues at Board. A grade of 70 or higher is considered passing at Board. The school requires we pass two tests with an 85 or higher to make sure that we’ll unlikely have any issues passing the real deal.

Last night, I braved it and took another test. This one I just knew I was going to fail. I was feeling good about making a 60 on this one. It was that bad. And it sure didn’t help when your answers look something like, CCCCCBADDDBACCCBBBAAAAAADDA. I thought, surely I’m fucking something up. There were way too many ABCD’s in a row. I reluctantly handed her my test…. She graded it and I fucking passed! I BARELY passed. I made an 86! I was so shocked and so relieved! So, one test passed and one more to go! (Cross your fingers for me!)

I have gotten the majority of my kit together for board already. Buying everything that I needed was making this process that much more real. I’m stressed, anxious, excited, scared… A million things. I’ve yet to really start looking for a job. I got the list of salon’s hiring from my instructor, but I’ve only looked at it. This is just all so crazy!

Next week, my brother and sister-in-law, along with our nephews will be here from Texas for their spring break! We’re so excited. The kids have counted down the days on the calendar with so much excitement. They’re a little bummed that they will be in school while they’re down, but I told them I’d let them play hooky one day that week. Shhh!

Joseph is having district testing this week. He’s already had three tests. He’s scored really fantastically on all of them. He’s so proud of himself! Speaking of Joseph. His birthday is just a month away. That month is going to go quickly. *Note to self: Start planning birthday!*

Our search for another place is not going so well. We have less than a month to sign or end our lease and I’d really like for the latter, but the way things are looking we may just have to begin another one year lease here. My biggest reasoning in finding another place was space. Needing and wanting more room for all the shit we don’t have room for now, and extra space for the addition of another baby.

Speaking of baby. We are on our third cycle trying. I am on CD 12. I have not yet ovulated. We’re hoping that this is our cycle! If not, we’re totally okay with that and will try again in May.

I have just started watching Army Wives. O…M…G! I am addicted to this damn show! I never watched it before because I figured it would be some stupid Lifetime channel quality show and acting. My sister Tiffany insisted that it was such a good show, so I took the plunge and added it to our Netflix queue. It has been there since we first got Netflix. I have been so bored out of my mind lately that I just decided to rot my brain at the TV and watch Netflix all day. I clicked on Army Wives and did not want to stop watching. It took every bit of strength in me to get up from the couch and brush my damn teeth. It sucked me in like nobody’s business. I’m pretty sure I’ve called Tiffany after every episode to talk about it. Lol

The kids have been dying to see Nana and Papa, but every one of us has had a terrible cold and cough. So we’ve not seen them in two or three weeks. For us… That’s a long time. We’re usually there every weekend. Lol We’ve been pumped with Dayquil and Ricola for all that time. Jonathan still has a minor cough, but otherwise everyone is back to being healthy. So we’ll see you this weekend Nana and Papa! 🙂

I’ve been back to recording our little family, so I’ll have some video to upload. I probably will not upload for about two weeks since family will be here next week.

Okay… I’ve rambled a lot. I’ll have more updates soon. Muah!