Summer Bucket List: Play In The Rain

We actually got some rain and we almost missed the chance to play in it because we had all just  sat down for breakfast and I was being ‘that mom‘. The kiddos asked if they could go play in it, and I said “after breakfast”. Then the rain stopped! I was so angry. Then 20 minutes later it started to rain again. The kiddos almost missed it again because I told them to “get in play clothes first.” Then I was pissed at myself for that. About an hour later it rained again, and I wanted them to enjoy it while it was good. We told them to just run out there. They had lots of fun. And then Joseph and Tressa started splashing one another with mud. 🙂










Tressa’s 7th Birthday Interview

See her earlier interviews here.

Favorite food? Banana split.

Favorite drink? Grape juice.

Favorite cartoon? Spongebob Squarepants

Favorite cartoon character? Patrick, because he is really weird.

Favorite movie? Lalaloopsy

Favorite animal? Penguins!

Favorite toy? My new Chelsea doll

Favorite color? Light blue.

Favorite letter? T

Favorite number? 7

Favorite story? Hello Kitty ones.

Favorite song? Telephone by Lady Gaga

Favorite game? The Game of Life

Favorite holiday? Christmas

Favorite day? Saturday, so we can have family time.

Favorite season? Summer.

Favorite scent? Cake.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know yet.

Do you have a boyfriend? Yes. His name is Dennis.

What is your favorite thing in school? Recess.

What is your least favorite thing in school? Shurley English because all we learn is baby-ish stuff.

Who is your best friend? Alyssa and Desiree.

What is something you want to learn or do this year? Learn more about penguins.

What is your favorite memory from age 6? Spending time with family.

Describe yourself in three words. Artistic, cute and funny.

If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? Buy all the things I like.

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Hannah Montana because I like all her songs.

What is something that you learned this year? About butterflies. They’re really good fliers and some camouflage to stay safe.

What life lesson did you learn? Keep my attitude straight.

Hobbies? Reading.

What do you want to improve about yourself? I don’t know.

How many children do you want to have when you grow up? 5

Are you going to get married? Yes.

Next we asked how much she thought certain things cost.

Gallon of gas? $60.00

Gallon of milk? $56.00

Loaf of bread? $40.00

Car? $120.00

House? $600.00

Stamp? $40.00

Happy Birthday Tressa

My dearest Tressa, you are seven, going on thirty years old!

You weigh 48.4 pounds and are 49 ½” (4ft. ½in.) tall. You wear a size 13 shoe and a 6 pant and shirt.

You are definitely one of the most silly seven-year old’s I know! You fart without shame, you know how to laugh at yourself and you make everything a game. You are almost always laughing or making up a joke to make someone else laugh. Even being this playful, funny little girl, you are still a softy at heart. Your feelings are easily hurt and you are always the first to lend a shoulder to someone who is feeling down. Now here’s the tricky part, if I didn’t live with you every day, you’d never know it! Lol You can be such a brat! You definitely don’t like not getting your way and you and your brother fight like enemies! Always calling one another names and beating each other up! I’m basically just the referee.

This year you were Terrific Kid in your class twice! And you were a straight A student! You rock! You lost your library books weekly, so you never made your AR goals. We even ended up paying for two books that you lost this year. :/

There is never a dull moment when you are around! I love that so much about you! Thanks for being an awesome kiddo!

Mommy and Daddy love you so! Happy birthday Tootie!

Tressa’s 6th Birthday Interview

If you’re curious go check out her previous birthday interviews here. I’ve just given the short and sweet answers here. If you want to hear their full interview and see how they answered, I’ve added the video below. Bloopers and outtakes too. 🙂

  1. Favorite food? Pizza
  2. Favorite drink?  Fanta with blue coconut
  3. Favorite cartoon? Spongebob
  4. Favorite cartoon character? iCarly
  5. Favorite movie? Bratz BFF
  6. Favorite animal? Penguin
  7. Favorite toy? Pink piggy bank
  8. Favorite color? Rainbow
  9. Favorite letter? S
  10. Favorite number? 6
  11. Favorite story? Junie B. Jones Has A Monster Under Her Bead
  12. Favorite song? Two is better than one
  13. Favorite game? Candyland
  14. Favorite holiday? Halloween
  15. Favorite day? Sunday
  16. Favorite season? Fall
  17. Favorite scent? Chocolate chip cookies
  18. What do you want to be when you grow up? Cheerleader
  19. Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, Anthony
  20. What is your favorite thing in school? Having popsicles
  21. What is your least favorite thing in school? Putting my head down
  22. Who is your best friend? Kailah and Michelle
  23. What is something you want to learn or do this year? Cursive and about space
  24. What is your favorite memory from age five? Going to visit Auntie Becca and Uncle Chad at Nana and Papa’s
  25. Describe yourself in three words? Gorgeous, I want to be a princess, I like playing with my friends
  26. If Mommy and Daddy gave you $100, what would you do with it? Save it to go to Disney World.

Watch in HD! The quality is so much better!

Watch the bloopers and outtakes too!

Dear Tressa

Today you are six. You are a ‘big kid’. When will you listen and stop growing up already?!

You weigh 42.4lbs and are 46 ½” (3′ 10 ½”) tall. You have grown exactly two inches and 2.4 pounds since last year. You wear a size 6 pant and shirt and a size 12 ½ shoe.

You are still a thumb-sucking junkie. Not quite sure how we’re going to break that habit before you start losing your baby teeth. You have finally gotten over the fear of starting off on your bike without help. You ride that bike like a champ now. Fearless and able to look up from the ground. Lol

You love talking to yourself. Before your showers, you spend a good 15 minutes looking at and talking to yourself in the mirror. It’s hilarious! Speaking of, I got some pretty funny video of you when you didn’t know I was recording this morning. I can’t wait to share it with the world! Haha!

You have found a love for Justin Bieber. You are practically obsessed with him. You even asked if I knew where he lived so I could take you there. Sorry kiddo. You’re grounded from boys for life!

You are always saying the silliest things that just make me laugh so much. You’re definitely a little goofball. Right now you love telling people to “quit being a butler.”, which I assume is your safe word for butthead. You also love the word duh! There is almost never a span of more than 15 minutes that you go without complimenting someone or telling them how much you love them. You are just the sweetest little lovebug of a child ever.

Happy birthday little lovebug.



Mommy & Daddy


“My tummy hurts because my poop is too big.”


“Mom. Can I have some of these?”

“Some of what?”

*She hands me my birth control pills*

“NO! Those are Mommy’s medicine.”

“Are you sick?”

“No. Mommy isn’t sick. I take those so that we don’t get pregnant.”

“But I want you to have a baby! LOTS of babies! When these are all gone you can have a baby.”

*Shoot me!*

(Well she got her wish… Sort of. We’re TTC, but not for lots of babies. :P)


As I’m making egg salad sandwiches.

“Mom. What do I smell?”


“It smells like farts or something.”

“Eggs smell like that, honey.”

“I don’t want to eat anything that smells like farts! I’m not hungry.”


“Mom! My farts are talking for my poop.”


Amaya says, “Dad you are very weird.”

Jonathan: “Yeah. I get that a lot.”

Tressa: “You are handsome too.”

“Yeah. I get that a lot.”

“You are funny too dad.”

“Yeah. I get that a lot.”

Amaya: “I love you daddy.”

Tressa: ” He gets that a lot too.”



“Well, he told me to.”

“Do you do everything your brother tells you?”

“No. Not all the time, but maybe I will.”